Lobo & Sydney started it all

We work with foster homes to provide a loving, family environment. Our adoption process is stringent to ensure pets and families are matched together.

L&S Dog Diggity plans to expand to include a sanctuary ranch for less adoptable dogs, so they can also get a second chance at life. The sanctuary will be settled on around 20 acres and will house several animal care volunteers to provide a safe, home environment.


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About Us


Our very first two rescues were found homeless near a local military
base, in an area where lots of pets are abandoned each year, and our founders decided to do something about it. Lobo and Sydney were rescued and the set the bar for what we do.

L&S Dog Diggity rescues stray and abandoned dogs in our area, where pet homelessness is epidemic. Through our adoption program, ​we match our dogs with local adopters, as well as partner with rescues in other ​areas with drastically fewer homeless pets in our mission to impact the homeless pet population.